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Navigating packaging trends post-COVID-19 pandemic

This time of change requires reevaluation of your strategies.

Cheese Marketing News - June 19, 2020

Is plasma gasification the solution for plastics and all waste?

The time is now to focus on sustainability.

Plastics Today - August 2019

Packaging Experience Summit

Interview with Mike Ferrari about the package print industry.

PX Summit - December 2018

The Impact of Digital Packaging Innovation

Consumers live in the moment, seeking out unique experiences.

Package Printing Magazine - June 2018

The Need For Speed

Consumers have short attention spans and want everything now.

Highcon News - May 2018

Packaging in The Experiential Economy

Consumers interests are about creating memorable moments. -  March 2018

Digital Package Printing as an Innovation Tool for Consumer Brands

Digital printing has value for each level of innovation.

What They Think? - Labels & Packaging News - March 2016

​Leadership Interview: Michael Ferrari

How does digital printing support brands in being innovative?

InfoTrends - February 2016

Stay the course, or innovate?

Learn how great innovation starts and ends with great leadership.

Labels & Labeling Magazine - Yearbook 2016

Consumers Want Choices, Digital Printing Delivers!

Learn how you can add value through increased print capability.

Linkedin Blog Post - September 2015

Digital Printing - A Surefire Cure to the Commodity Mindset

Introducing digital printing to the converting business.

Article in Packaging World Supplement - July 2015

Brands to Transform Business with Digital as Currency

Be prepared to survive the transformation.

Article in Labels & Labeling Magazine - February 2015

The Future of Brands: Written in Packaging Currency

Analysis of the personalised packaging trend.

Article in Packaging & Converting Intelligence Magazine - November 2014

What Do Brand Owners Really Want?

Creating more loyal customers in today's marketplace.

Article in Illuminator Magazine - August 2014

Predictions for 2014 | Get Ready To Get Personal

Five impacts from the disruptive wave of printing technology.

Article in PackageDesign Magazine - March 2014

Digital Printing Creates Value
Brands looking for innovative ways to reach consumers are turning to digital printing.

Article in Packaging World Magazine - March 2013

Why Digital Print Matters

Short inventory cycles mean true just-in-time delivery with no carrying costs involved.

Article in Labels & Labeling Magazine - January 2013

Industry Outlook | Packaging Predictions for 2013

Speed to market is key if brands are to capitalize on the new shopper behaviors .

Article in PFFC Magazine - December 2012

DRUPA Creating The Perfect Package Print Storm

Packaging is a growing segment worldwide.

Article in Package Printing Magazine - August 9, 2012

Executive Report | drupa & Digital Package Printing

Why did packaging receive all the attention during drupa?

Article in PFFC Magazine - July 2012



Now even the big brand owners say yes to digital printing.

Article in Italia Grafica Magazine - July 2012

Teaching Leadership and Innovation

You may be in a position to make a lasting contribution.

Article in Packaging World Magazine - April 2012

Digital Cutting and Creasing

Implementation of this new technology will drive new opportunities.

Article in Folding Carton Industry Mag - March/April 2012

Packaging Nirvana

Targeted Marketing thru the use of digital package printing.

Article in Printers MarketPlace eMag - March 2012

Connect With Consumers Through Store Brand Packaging

Bringing consumers to the 'zero moment of truth'

Article in STORE BRANDS Magazine - November 2011

The DIGITAL Divide

Explaining brand owner resistance to the technology.

Q&A with PACKAGE DESIGN Magazine - July/August 2011

Living in The Virtual World - AreYou Ready?

The digital age continues to reshape everything about our world.

Article in Dscoop PowerPack Newsletter - July 2011

Digital or Not: That Is The Question

How digital printing fits into the modern supply chain.

Article in Labels and Labeling Magazine - July 2011

Karstedt Report Review part 2

CPC's are the driver for change in packaging labels.

Article in Labels and Labeling Magazine - May 24, 2011

Exclusive First Review of Karstedt Digital Report

The value of digital printing in a converters' own environment

Article in Labels and Labeling Magazine - May 9, 2011

Harnessing Digital Printing's Potential

Digital printing is ready for a surge in Packaging.

Interview with Packaging World - March 2011

Digital Printing: A Growth Industry Preparing for ‘Click and Print’ in Packaging
Digital printing is here and reaching the tipping point for label printing.
Shelf Impact! online magazine - March 9, 2011
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