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Workshop Press Release


Reigniting Growth Through Leadership and Innovation



Cincinnati, Ohio  Ferrari Innovation Solutions, LLC a global leading expert in innovation and branding consultancy together with Sustaining Success Solutions, LLC is announcing the official release of  “Reigniting Growth Through Leadership & Innovation” workshop.


Sustained growth requires a balanced innovation portfolio. The recent macro-economic global conditions require placing even greater focus on innovation. Reigniting Growth Through Leadership & Innovation is a 2-day workshop designed to guide leaders and teach the tools of innovation and leadership to employees. Both parts are essential in order to launch and realize profitable products and services.


This workshop has been successfully piloted during the last two years and is now available for B to B and B to C businesses. This workshop will provide proven techniques while energizing and empowering organizations to take their results to the next level.


Reigniting Growth Through Leadership & Innovation workshop will be taught on the clients site. The workshop should be attended by entrepreneurs, project leaders, business leaders, marketers, R&D engineers/scientists.


For more details, watch the workshop video and the 2-day agenda is also available for your review.



“The workshop inspired my leadership team into action. Immediately following the workshop we put 5

  innovation teams in place on some tough problems.  The results have been great for our business. “

  ~Jay Dollries, CEO/President Innovative Labeling Solutions


“The workshop helped me and my leadership team instill new energy and direction to Packaging Graphics  

  taking results to the next level.”  ~ Patrick Pagani, President Packaging Graphics 


“Innovation can be taught. I watched my students immediately put to practice the methodologies taught  

  in the workshop and deliver very creative class projects.”

  ~ Dr. Bruce Welt, University of Florida, Professor Packaging Science Program 


About Ferrari Innovation Solutions, LLC

Michael Ferrari is founder and President of Ferrari Innovation Solutions, LLC and devotes his time coaching leaders in the packaging industry worldwide and a guest lecture professor on innovation at the University of Florida. Recently completed a 32 year R&D career at The Procter & Gamble Co.


About Sustaining Success Solutions, LLC

Keith Lawrence is an architect of Peak Performance, having spent four decades traveling three million miles to learn from over a hundred of the world’s best companies and leaders on the secrets to sustained success. Since he finished a thirty-three year career at P&G he has been advising several of the Fortune 100 companies.


Please contact us to discuss your specific company goals, fees and timing availability.

Any inquiries please contact:  or mobile: 513-675-0254

                                         or mobile: 513-965-1771

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