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Michael Ferrari is President of Ferrari Innovation Solutions, LLC.


The digital age is changing social behaviors and economic business models. Combining meaningful human purpose to people’s lives through technology to achieve business success is what we are about.

Ferrari Innovation Solutions is focused on enabling the discovery, development and delivery of breakthrough results. Through Ferrari Innovation Solutions, Michael provides clients:

- Innovation Education and Help in Development of a Balanced Innovation Portfolio.
- Brand Building Ideas Through Packaging. Creating Consumer Relevancy, Engagement and Interaction.
- Next Generation Digital Platform Requirements for OEM's.

- Package Printing & Decoration Supply Chain of the Future.
- Creation of a Digital Print Marketing Plan for Print Solution Provider’s.

These services include clients in Consumer Product Companies, Printing & Converting, OEM’s and Academia to educate, guide and inspire them.

Inquire about speaking roles for conferences, trade shows, meetings or leadership & innovation workshops.




educating | guiding | inspiring
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