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The Packaging Minute Series presented by industry expert Michael Ferrari. The goal is to help the printer understand the nature of this disruptive digital press technology and learn how to take advantage of exciting changes and create new opportunities for your package good customers.


Packaging Minute 1:


Packaging Minute 2:

Rethink Your Business

Packaging Minute 3:

Marketing HP Indigo

Packaging Minute 4:

Package Printing - ROI

Packaging Minute 5:

Packaging Gets Personal

Packaging Minute 6:

Packaging Innovation

Packaging Minute 7:

Green Is Normal




Mike Ferrari interview at Label Expo 2014, Rosemont, IL.


Mike Ferrari discusses opportunities in today's digital printing market.


Mike Ferrari interview at Label Expo, Brussels, Belgium 2013


Mike Ferrari discusses print packaging trends at Dscoop EMEA in Barcelona


Interview with Mike Ferrari at Label Expo 2012


Mike Ferrari keynote at Day of Packaging during Drupa 2012


Mike Ferrari discusses QR Codes


Mike Ferrari on HP Indigo digitally printed packaging



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